Qualities of a Good Medical Malpractice Expert Witness

Expert witnesses are very vital for pursuing a medical malpractice case. If you are trying to prove that the medical provider fell below the set standards of the medical practice, then you need an expert witness to testify as to what the proper standards of medical care are. Moreover, the medical malpractice expert witness has to testify how failure to meet the required procedures or standards resulted in the injury or harm that you’re suing for. You can also choose to have another medical malpractice expert witness to testify what the exact injury is.

Most experienced medical malpractice lawyers have the experience of choosing the right medical malpractice expert witnesses for various cases depending on the type of injury. The medical expert witness will evaluate the case and discuss with the lawyer on how to proceed. You can simply let your lawyer go about the process of choosing the best experts that he or she is comfortable working with. In addition, the lawyer knows whether the case deserves a local medical malpractice expert or one from a different state.

Hiring the right medical expert witness will prove to the defense that you’re determined to go an extra mile in seeking justice. It can also be counterproductive if you hire the wrong medical expert witness because that shows that the lawyer doesn’t believe in the validity of the suit or the case is too weak to attract a qualified expert.

Qualities of a good medical malpractice expert witness

Respected medical expert witnesses have the following characteristics and qualifications:

• Should be a medical provider who is active in the medical practice other than just testifying in medical malpractice cases.
• Should have a medical license that is active even if he or she has retired.
• Should not be spending most of his or her practice lifetime in testifying for the defense or various plaintiffs in different courts.
• Should not be an expert who occasionally lectures about how to win or defend medical malpractice cases.
• Should not have published texts or blog posted about the subject of medical malpractice and how he or she has won cases in the process.

Therefore, it’s very important to choose a law firm that has experienced and skilled medical malpractice lawyers who know how to select the best expert witness for your particular case. In case your case is different, an established firm can think outside the box and start a search for medical expert witnesses by contacting sources in national witness organizations.