6 Ways a Medical Malpractice Expert Witness Can Help in a Lawsuit

When you have experienced a medical problem as a result of a doctor’s negligence or improper care, it’s important to sue. A medical malpractice expert witness can help in many ways.

1. Testimony

An expert will be able to explain what has happened. Their testimony will make it easier for the judge and jury to understand what the medical problem is and how it could have been prevented if the doctor was paying closer attention to what was going on. Whether you were misdiagnosed, a doctor was negligent, or there is another problem, the medical expert should be able to provide sufficient testimony.

2. Explanations

There may be a lot of medical terms that the average person cannot understand. Your medical expert will be there in order to provide better explanations as to what was going on. They can break the terminology down so that there are fewer questions from the judge and jury.

3. Models

Many medical malpractice expert witness will bring along models. These could be physical or video models that help to explain more about what happened. People respond to visual aids because it allows them to understand more about a procedure. They can use the models to explain the anatomy and make comparisons to what happened versus what should have happened.

4. Questions Answered

There may be a lot of questions being asked by the jury, the judge, or the other party. Your lawyer is not generally equipped to be able to answer such questions because they are not a doctor. The expert witness will be able to answer all of the questions to be able to move the case along.

5. Greater Insight

A significant amount of insight can be provided by the witness. They may be able to shed some light on what happened and explain why you were affected by what the doctor did or didn’t do. What the witness says could be just what you need to build your case to be stronger.

6. Backup

The expert witness is also going to be there for backup. There’s no way to predict all that’s going to happen inside of a courtroom. Someone may ask a question or present new evidence that you weren’t aware of. The witness will be able to provide the needed backup to address questions or concerns as they come up.

Your medical malpractice lawsuit should include an expert witness so you have a better chance of winning.

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