How To Hire the Best Medical Malpractice Experts

After filing a malpractice lawsuit and while preparing for trial, the plaintiff’s attorney will begin searching for relevant medical malpractice experts. These should not include medical personnel who have treated the plaintiff or who are affiliated with medical practitioners involved with the plaintiff in any way. Often, the malpractice experts are selected from a database containing names with credentials from around the country. Sometimes an attorney has worked with a specific expert in previous cases and will request that person’s participation again. However, when looking for the best malpractice expert for a case, keep the following tips in mind.


Matching an expert to a specific plaintiff injury may be simple if the damages are clearly related to an accident or the presumed negligence of the defendant. For example, if the plaintiff works in a restaurant where proper safety precautions are not taken to protect employees from burn injuries while handling hot food, the restaurant owner and manager may be at fault. However, if the plaintiff’s injuries are potentially due to carelessness on his or her part, or if a burn injury, for example, gets infected possibly due to an underlying health condition like diabetes, an expert with specialization in both areas might be needed. Try to find an expert who has pertinent knowledge on the specific type of injuries or conditions involved.


An expert who lives across the state within driving distance will be cheaper to hire in terms of travel expenses than one who lives across the country. Airplane fare, interstate tolls, lodging, and meals may be added to the expert’s fee. If you have a choice between two equally competent experts, consider hiring the one that resides closer.


A malpractice expert may be highly knowledgeable about his or her field of medical study, but experience is extremely important. Ten years of bedside care or clinical practice providing hands-on experience enhances the academic credentials and research conducted by someone in a particular area of medicine. If possible, it is advisable to hire someone who has given malpractice testimony previously so that he or she will know what to expect and hopefully be prepared to do an expert job.


Medical malpractice experts sometimes provide in their vitas the testimonials of lawyers with whom they have worked. This helps to support their credibility claims and reassure the attorney they are comfortable with and successful in courtroom or deposition testimony and cross examination.

Often, the success of a malpractice claim rests on the testimony of an expert’s testimony. An expert with solid knowledge in the designated medical field may not be able to stand up to defendant’s questioning or challenges. Look for an expert with proven courtroom experience.

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